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3 Key Things To Outsource As Your Business Grows

Growth for your business can only be a good thing. But, as it expands, you may find that certain functions are simply adding too much to the workload. There may also be areas in which no one is an expert, causing disruption to the day-to-day running of your company.

Either way, you want to focus on the progression of your company, right? Well, here are just a few of the key things you could potentially outsource, so you can get back to business.

HR and recruitment

Business expansion often results in the employee headcount escalating. Although recruiting staff and dealing with any HR issues is extremely important to the company’s future, it can be incredibly time-consuming. Therefore, seek the help of a recruiter, or HR advisor, or both.

Rather than sifting through CVs of ineligible candidates, you can give the legwork to the recruitment agency. Proficient in their speciality, recruiters can easily tell if someone’s fibbing on their resume. This means you won’t waste time interviewing people who aren’t up to the task. Recruiters also have an existing system of candidates who may be suitable, meaning you might not even have to advertise some roles.

As a relatively small business, you may work quite closely with staff, making human resource issues tricky. An advisor not only takes this away from you, but as experts in employment law too, they’ll ensure your business is compliant with the necessary legislation. This is particularly advantageous if a complaint is made, or for any disciplinary action.

Marketing and design

A key way to accelerate your business is to intensify its promotion, and this can come in many forms.

SEO, content marketing, social media, email campaigns, and branding are just a few examples. However, the likelihood is that keyword research, copywriting and/or trying to get engagement on social media just isn’t your forte.

Therefore, you can choose one, or multiple aspects of marketing, to hand over to specialists. Instead of trying to work out how to find the best keywords, an agency will be up-to-date with Google algorithms and know how to increase your rankings. Or, for email marketing, they’ll be able to provide advice on improving clickthrough rates, or how to retain subscribers after GDPR comes into play.

As for design, experts in this area can create as much imagery as necessary. It may be, for example, that you’re re-branding and need a new logo, website and literature created. They’ll be able to capture the essence or your brand in the design, rather than leave you trying to figure out Photoshop. 

Accountancy and tax

Arguably the most important function to outsource is accounting.

Calculating tax owed, completing a tax return, or figuring out expenses is difficult for anyone who’s not a tax expert. If anything is submitted incorrectly, you could end up paying too much tax, or worse: HMRC might pursue you.

Instead of tearing out your hair every time an accountancy deadline comes round, an expert accountant can deal with everything for you. They’ll know their sums and the requirements of HMRC, and can also offer advice on how to decrease your tax liability. This frees up more funds to expand your business even further.

Whichever accountancy service you need, from year-end accounts to payrolling staff, Bright Ideas Accountancy can help. We function as the administrative accountancy arm of your company, letting you focus on your business. 

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