Xero Be smarter, and more switched-on,
with cloud accounting…

Make invoicing, payroll, receipt collection and reporting simple, wherever you are in the world.

Xero is the ultimate tool for time-saving financial decisions – it lets you see what you’re due, what you owe, and how this slots into the bigger picture, from any device.

All that information is held in the cloud, ready for you – or us – to access at any moment. It’s a scalable platform perfect for growing businesses, and we include it as standard in our accountancy packages.


Why Xero is perfect for your growing company

Cloud accounting gives you the visibility you need to make smart financial decisions. Xero arrives without a single download; it’s powered remotely for your smart device or web browser, and matches the complexity of an expanding organisation. However many clients, employees, expenses or investments you’re juggling at once, Xero helps you stay in control of your cashflow.

  • Scheduled payments

    It’s easy to lose track of what you’re obliged to pay.

    With Xero, you’re able to set a payment schedule for bills, expenses or supplies, on the exact date they’re needed.

  • An immediate, intuitive financial overview

    Cashflow is an essential measure of how well a business is performing.

    The Xero app will show everything you need to know, compiling outgoings, income and forecasts at a glance.

  • Complete payroll integration

    Business owners should never be stumped by their payroll duties.

    Use Xero to arrange PAYE each month, along with the right NI deductions, tax payments and records.

  • Easier invoice management

    Your business deserves to bring in the cash it’s earned on-time.

    Xero send digital invoices to every client, who can then pay on their mobile device. Deadlines are added automatically, along with alerts for when they’re overdue.

  • Seamless bank reconciliation

    Make sure your bank statements match your financial activity.

    The Xero app takes this data, and reconciles it to the ongoing state of your accounts, prepping any return submissions when they’re called for.

  • Get more from your accountant

    Bright Ideas shine through when we see exactly what’s going on with your finances.

    Let us sync your Xero profile with our professionals, so they can gauge the most beneficial steps forward for your business.

Whilst you’re here, remember that Xero is not compulsory… We only offer it as a complementary service, fitting with the rest of our Bright Ideas packages. We’re happy to leave room for any system you’re comfortable with, including more traditional methods.

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