Trained and experienced supply practitioners are alerted to potential problems before alarms trigger ◦ Battery power supply: exchangeable internal battery and and will be able to act accordingly buy generic imitrex 50 mg on line. Noticing the change in sound external connection as a ventilator becomes disconnected discount 25mg imitrex visa, the experienced practitioner ◦ Back-up battery:internal battery covering external power would respond before disconnection alarms were triggered and well failure before a change in the patient’s vital signs. Theinitialclinicalassessmentmayoccurwhen 8 Training programme the patient is trapped or only partially visible to the clinician and ◦ Supplied with complete training package. As the environment becomes more permissive and access to the patient improves, so too will the level of monitoring that may be employed. Monitoring begins with noting the misting of the oxygen mask or tracheal tube and chest movement. Airway Clinical assessment is made for the adequacy of ventilation, airway Respiratory rate obstruction and risk of aspiration. If the airway protected with a This is arguably the most sensitive detector of cardiovascular disease cuffed endotracheal tube its position at the lips and cuff pressure and its value is often minimized by inaccurate measurements. If counted manually at least 15 seconds should be used to calculate Prehospital Monitoring 59 the minute rate. Vasoconstriction in shock or hypothermia will increase a normal respiratory rate; however, most studies suggest a range this time lag significantly (up to 2–3 mins). An initial deterioration in saturation and respiration is then used to calculate the rate. This system requires a delay in improvement following intervention should be expected 30 seconds to ‘learn’ a rate. Remember that saturations are a late measure of hypoxia due to Pulse oximetry the shape of the oxygen desaturation curve. This technology measures the absorption of red (660 nm) and infrared light (940 nm) (Figure 11. Oxy- and deoxyhaemoglobin Capnography have different absorptions and the proportion of each is measured Qualitative and quantitative measures are widely used. Values are affected by vibration, patient movement, mation on respiratory rate, airways/endotracheal tube obstruction, poor peripheral perfusion, external light sources, severe anaemia ventilator disconnection, muscle relaxation, cellular function and (below 5 g/dL) and false fingernails. It is essential to remember that there is a time lag (15–30 seconds) Qualitative devices offer a colour change in response to the presence between blood being oxygenated at the lungs and its arrival at the of carbon dioxide and are useful to confirm intubation but not as monitored site (pulse oximetry lag). Crude estimations Cable of blood pressure are derived from the presence of carotid, femoral Photodetector orperipheralpulses. Thesecorrelatepoorlywithmeasuredpressures but are rapidly obtained and are suggested as initial guides to the (b) 10 Red Infrared administrationofintravenousfluidsintraumapatients,whererapid (660 nm) (910 nm) transport to hospital is paramount. The presence of a peripheral Normal Capnography Waveform End-Tidal HbO2 D C Hb A B 0.

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A minimum recruitment standard should be defined for each substantive post in every category of job in nuclear medicine imitrex 25 mg with visa. These standards should be binding on all hospitals discount imitrex 50 mg without a prescription, institu- tions and clinics that provide nuclear medicine services for patient care. It should be mandatory to involve a suitable member from each job family to help prepare the minimum standards, thus ensuring confidence in, and adherence to, the requirements of the recruitment process. Over and above these minimum standards, the employing authority concerned should prepare detailed job analyses for each post in nuclear medicine, including a clear and concise job description, job speci- fication and job design. They should also define standards of performance, develop models for personal competence and link these for each job. These standards and models will serve as benchmarks for comparing actual performance of individuals, a crucial step in the implementation of performance appraisal, feedback and counselling for personal development. Collection and codification of all these data on recruitment at the national level should lead to guidelines for the recruitment of a national nuclear medicine workforce that will serve as a reference for all those engaged in the practice of nuclear medicine in a particular country. The recruitment process should reflect the values of the organization and its goals. Professional expertise and personal integrity are of crucial importance in the selection process, since without the right people for the right job there is little chance of success. By measuring the actual performance of each person of the workforce with the agreed standards of performance, it will be possible to identify training needs. Training should only be conducted with the full consent of the future trainee, whose individual aptitudes and capabilities should first be considered. Training should be seen as a competence building and personal development function rather than as either a perk or a disciplinary exercise. A training programme should lead to concrete plans of action and new directions to meet the challenges of the future. It should serve the purpose of the estab- lishment as well as the needs of the employee. In this respect, constructive trainee participation in the formulation of the training programme is necessary. Basic training should be supplemented by specialized training that is dependent on the needs of the establishment and the individual. With good planning and organization, it should not be difficult to provide continuous education and training to all categories of professionals, using, where necessary, the services of existing training centres. What needs to be specified clearly is the standard of the end product of training. Personal competence models can be developed and linked to standards of performance upon the completion of training.

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