How FreeAgent Solves RTI Trouble

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June 08, 2016

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll have already seen our advice for getting your RTI submissions up to scratch. HMRC takes the accuracy of PAYE schemes very seriously; real time information (RTI) submissions are an important step in securing yourself against penalties and scrutiny from the taxman. However, this can be difficult for limited company owners who use traditional bookkeeping methods.

Our go-to accounts software, FreeAgent, is designed to keep you in the know, wherever you are, about your payroll information. If HMRC comes knocking at your door, so to speak, you’ll need an accurate picture of your finances – here’s how FreeAgent does just that:

Staying up to speed

Micro-management can be hard when you’re neck-deep in the demands of a limited company. As your client base grows, a lot of your time will be funnelled into the pursuit of new business, and maintaining quality of work for existing relationships.

FreeAgent is designed to alleviate the pressures that can afflict even the most tireless entrepreneur, allowing you to store, manage and access financial information about your limited company, all in one place.

Accessible for all

The user-friendly nature of FreeAgent is helpful for both new and experienced contractors and freelancers, allowing you to manage your finances on the go, from any device. It’s easy to log information, whilst displaying details such as invoices, income and projections in simple and visual graphics.

When RTI assessment calls for clinical examination of the smallest details, it’s invaluable to have a tool that responds instantly to the flux of your venture, giving you a solid chance of getting your submissions right first time, every time.

Securing your finances

Freelancers and contractors are often here, there and everywhere on the hunt for new opportunities. Being on the go so much can be meddlesome for organising receipts and tracking expenses. FreeAgent exists in the Cloud, meaning you can securely store these details, without leaving a trail of paperwork behind you wherever you go.

Aside from convenience, this offers peace of mind that your finances are securely stored online, without the risk of being lost, stolen or subject to the occasional spill of tea. Furthermore, the ability to share anything with us, your accountancy firm, helps to rapidly solve problems that may arise when you’re off on your travels. It’s good to know you can be alerted at any time if a matter needs seeing to, especially if it can affect an impending RTI submission.

FreeAgent really can make all the difference for a healthy bookkeeping system. We’re convinced it’s one of the best accounting solutions on the market, and we urge you to take every possible step to ensure your bookkeeping is watertight – with RTI submissions as well as your other obligations as a limited company owner.

We can be part of this solution, so call us on 0161 669 4221 or email for in-depth RTI advice you can trust.

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