Essential New Year’s Resolutions For The Self-Employed

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December 19, 2016

If you ask us, the closing curtain of each year causes more stress than succour for the businesspeople of the world. There’s a raft of final payments, client assignments, bills and personal responsibilities to sort out before we can perch our feet up and say, “Well, that was a truly amazing 12 months. Here’s to another!” Cue clinking glass…

But wait – what are your resolutions going to be? Every venture can benefit from renewed focus, especially with the dawn of a New Year. Since we want your business to stay thrilling and dynamic, here’s a list of potential resolutions to set for 2017:

Hone your appeal

There’s a niche for everybody; we just have to find it first! Spreading yourself too thin in an industry, and taking every assignment that lands in your inbox, is great for a consistent income, yet can warp the impression of what you’re really good at.

Consider what aspect of your work or which clients are the most enjoyable to pursue. Are you able to focus on one side of your skillset or interests, carving a specialist name for yourself?

Give your brand a makeover

Complacency is a dangerous thing. Bringing in the help of designers, artists and developers can adapt your professional persona in ways you’ll never have thought of alone. Now could be the time to perform some market research, and reconsider how you’re representing yourself in the digital sphere.

No more lost receipts!

Okay, so it’s a sure-fire nightmare to track all those paper receipts over the year. Human nature means we’ll inevitably lose a couple, at least, and the whole prospect of plying through paperwork is enough to make anyone’s stomach churn with unease.

That’s why we suggest setting up a digital receipt system for the approaching calendar year, like that offered by FreeAgent, our recommended bookkeeping portal.

Become a genuine thought leader

We’re constantly assailed by people claiming to be experts in this or that, leading us to wonder how many of them can actually justify it. Self-promotion is a top priority for freelancers, and reading up on the latest news, views and pronouncements in your industry could bolster your cred as a smart, switched-on professional.

At the bare minimum, you’ll have more knowledge to draw on when you’re carrying out a task, distinguishing you from complacent competitors.

Make the leap to a Director role

Setting up a limited company brings numerous benefits for the self-employed, like increased tax breaks and dividend payments that help you keep more hard-earned cash in your pocket. Bright Ideas can assist the transition from a sole trader to a director, so that you can pay less tax in 2017.

As the New Year rumbles into view, take this opportunity to enhance your business acumen. Any of our accountancy services can enliven your professional goals for the coming year, so call us on 0161 669 4221 or email for ongoing support with your finances.

Essential New Year’s Resolutions For The Self-Employed


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